A resource library of books recommended by Agape First Ministries

Addressing the LGBTQ+ topic with truth & love

Desires in conflict, Joe Dallas
With a very personable style, the author walks step-by-step with you down the path to healing. First, lay the foundation to spiritual health including motivation to change; then move on to topics such as the origins of homosexual orientation, the process of change, sexual integrity, dating, marriage and more.

The Heart of Female Same-Sex Attraction, Jane Hallman
Countless women feel trapped in destructive patterns of same-sex attraction. Presenting the fruit of years of research, interviews, and counseling experience, Hallman offers a manual of hope. Pastors, counselors, mentors, and anybody who ministers to those struggling with this complex issue will find her comprehensive resource an indispensable guide for sharing Christ’s freedom with hearts in conflict.

When Homosexuality Hits Home, Joe Dallas.
“There’s something I need to tell you…I’m gay.”
These are hard words to hear from a beloved family member. But as hard as they are to hear, they are also hard for the same-sex-attracted person to utterNo matter the relationship–parent, child, grandparent, spouse, sibling, or other, that admission will likely mark a change in the way you and your loved one understand each other. These can be difficult waters to navigate, but Joe Dallas knows the rough waters firsthand and offers answers to the questions you need answered.

How do I show my love for my same-sex attracted family member and yet remain faithful to the Bible’s admonitions about homosexuality?
Should I attend my loved one’s gay wedding?
What caused his or her homosexuality? Am I to blame?
Can people change their sexual orientation?
From his many years of helping families answer tough questions about homosexuality, Joe Dallas offers you sound, compassionate, and biblically accurate advice as you take a journey you never anticipated

Counseling / Psychology / Therapy Related

Outsmarting Yourself, Dr. Karl Lehman
Outsmarting Yourself is about uncovering your brain’s strategies for navigating the world strategies which sometimes help… and sometimes don’t! Dr. Lehman presents evidence from scientific research, case studies, and personal experience that will convince you of the reality of “invisible” memory and your Verbal Logical Explainer (VLE), and then help you maximize their strengths while minimizing the havoc they can cause. Dr. Lehman teaches you how to leverage the things you can choose to do something about in order to overcome problems you can’t choose to change directly. Outsmarting Yourself will enable you to understand the people in your world, including yourself, and give you realistic, psychologically sound, and Christ-centered tools for becoming a joyful, life-giving person with thriving relationships.

The Broken Image, Leanne Payne
Unhealthy relationships and traumatic experiences do much to upset our personal wholeness. Leanne Payne, through a ministry of healing prayer, has encountered many suffering souls that have been helped through her administration of gentle advice as a psychologist and Christian. Broken Image reveals Payne’s experiences healing the pain of patients struggling to come to terms with their own sense of identity

Naked Surrender, Andy Comiskey
Jesus sees our bodies as our temples, houses where He wants to live. No matter what we’ve done sexually or what’s been done to us, Jesus can reclaim us and make us His own. Whole. Restored. Pure. Naked Surrender helps you see how deeply Jesus loves you and how He brings clarity, healing and restoration to your sexual identity. Naked Surrender answers questions such as: How do I embrace my sexuality as a gift from God? How can I become sober and stay free from sexual idols? How can I become comfortable in my body? How do I love others as good gifts whether I am single or married? Andrew writes “God cares about what goes on in the temple. He created the body and sexuality for holy purposes. His destiny for humanity involves our bodies!” Naked Surrender reveals Jesus’ authority to heal and restore.

Living From the Heart Jesus gave you, James G. Friesen
Living From The Heart Jesus Gave You is not a book on theology and, in fact, it does not say much about the topics Christians generally debate with each other. This book is about being fully alive and, for that reason, Christians from many different doctrinal convictions have been able to use our model. This book is now in several languages and being translated into new languages by a wide assortment of groups that do not usually share much in common certainly not the same books. Unlike the usual Christian book, this one contains more than one idea and has a lot of content on most pages. It is short but not a quick to read book. You will need to stop and think a few times.