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Each Agape staff member are self-funded missionaries for Agape First Ministries which means they do their own fundraising. [Money donated to Agape First Ministries directly goes to our organization expenses.] Each staff also manages their own E-Letters. You can subscribe to each staff member newsletter individually or sign up for them all here (uncheck the ones you don’t want to sign up):

Nate Oyloe / Executive Director

Pastor Nate Oyloe is the founder and director of Agape First Ministries. Nate has ministered to the sexually and relationally broken since 2000. He has taught nationally on issues of gender and the redemptive power of God. He and his wife, two sons and daughter live in Minneapolis, MN.

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Daren Mehl / Associate Director
Rhoda Mehl / Ministry Volunteer

Daren and Rhoda are married and have two children, Sebastian age 7, and Esther age 6. Together Daren and Rhoda serve in ministry equipping, teaching, and ministering the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Daren and Rhoda, lead by the Holy Spirit, both came out of the LGBTQ community and married in 2005. Their journey of healing and discipleship in Jesus Christ included 14 years of increasing intimacy with Jesus and personal healing while serving in their home church. In 2021 Daren joined Agape First Ministries to further the mission to make Jesus famous, to bring the healing power of God to others through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and a lifestyle of discipleship. Rhoda is a trained prayer and intercessor and leads their family as a home school tutor and private school theater instructor.

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Luca Groppoli / Associate Director

My name is Luca Jo Groppoli. I was a transgender male for 34 years, when I was a little girl, I was traumatized from abuse, which ended up causing me to have disassociate disorder. I was lost and confused. Several years later, I was taken to the Program in Human Sexuality, after several psychological tests, they concluded I have a “gender dysphoria” I assumed they had my best interest at heart, it turns out I was wrong. How I wished someone would have just helped heal my brokenness and pain.

Several years later, I was challenged to go to church by the woman I was in a relationship with, I accepted, and the day I went, the Lord did a deep work in me, He healed my self hatred, you see, I was able to forgive my abusers, but never myself. From that point on, I began to follow the Lord, the healing continued, and still is, as we all go from dark to light. I walked out of my life in  2009, and have no desire to go back. Beloved, God has more a vested interest in seeing us, whole, healed and set free from the pain we all experienced in life.

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Wendi Williams / Office Manager / Prayer Coordinator

Wendi is the youngest of 7 children. She grew up in New York State, but moved around a lot once she graduated high school. She transplanted here to MN in 1997 and became involved with activities of religious living. She met Nate Oyloe in 2018, started Immanuel Prayer with him in March 2020, and began working for Agape First Ministries in the summer of 2020. She has been through Immanuel Lifestyle and Prayer Training, and is now the Prayer Coordinator for Agape First Ministries.

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Val Eliason / True Love Outreach

Val has been immersed in missions most of her adult life. Val is a mother to five children and is married to Steve. She is a graduate from Bethany Global University with a BA in Bible and Missions. Her husband and she went to Philippines to church plant in 1985. In the Philippines she learned to speak Ilokano in a village. The two churches they served while in the Philippines are now being pastored by their youth group members. There are now 20 churches in Isabela today and 20 more churches are being planted by Filipino pastors in 2020. Her family came back to the states in 2000 to raise their family. She has been involved in ministering to the LGBTQ Community and their families for about 10 years. Val and her True Love team have been showing Christ’s love and sharing about Him when they can, for 5 years.  She serves on staff at Agape First Ministries in Minneapolis. 

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Jonny Maxcy / Worship Director

Jonny grew up in Western Nebraska (think Oregon Trail–Chimney Rock.) He comes from a line of Methodist Circuit Riders (on both sides of his family.) He came to Christ from a new age background and has served in full-time ministry across the Twin Cities in various House of Prayer type ministries. Jonny also does short-term “musicianary” work in the Middle East. He started attending Agape First in January 2020. Jonny is passionate about being a host for God’s manifested glory for our whole city — whether in leading worship, intercession, inner healing, or the arts. He has a deep appreciation for the freedom he has experienced in his struggles with brokenness and is passionate about others finding the same in God’s presence. Jonny also makes a mean cup of joe and loves his orange tabby tom cat. 

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